Our first job was the assist in the cargo recovery of m/v Polar Mist in 2009 off the Patagonian coast in Argentina.
Many jobs followed, such as the oil and carcass removal of a capsized livestock vessel at Vila do Conde in 2015. About 650 tons of heavy fuel were safely removed from the wreck as well as a great number of carcasses. All operation was accompanied and approved by ambiental authorities IBAMA and SEMAS.

In 2017 e participated in the removal of a great number of dislocated containers on a container vessel in the port of Santos. We cleaned beaches and removed lost containers on the sea bottom of Santos roads

We participated on a number of tenders and we are proud to represent RESOLVE which is one of the few selected companies seriously considered for major salvage jobs by the main contractors.

We also assist in minor jobs like the disentangling of anchor chains in remote areas in the Amazon where sources and equipment are difficult to find
Emergency Response
In an emergency situation every second counts. With our extensive network over the Brazilian Coast we ensure a fast response and rapid deployment of personnel and equipment to the site of the casualty. Whatever the challenge is, we are ready to act immediately
Seanet represents RESOLVE MARINE GROUP
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