With a team of experienced people we attend vessels in port and accompany the operation. We keep our principals constantly informed of the real situation and alert when action needs to be taken.

We propose alternatives and solutions when things are getting difficult. It is no secret that Brazil can be complicated from time to time with ever changing regulations and local exceptions. Making wrong choices can be a very expensive exercise.

We are dealing with any type of vessel and cargoes. Each operation has its own unique details and particulars. This can change from port to port which makes it important to have reliable local contacts.

We administrate and accompany hold cleaning operations for bulk carriers all over Brazil. Where necessary we send our superintendent to accompany the cleaning and make sure the holds are approved to load the cargo.
Our goal is to achieve a smooth and efficient operation in order to protect at any time the interest of our principals. The trick is to recognize potential risks ahead and take action before the problem occurs. To be reachable at all times when needed.

Via our extensive network we attend vessels in all Brazilian ports. Together with local partners we have the know-how how to act efficient and economically on location.

Together with our partners Seaworks in Holland we (as Seaworks do Brasil) act as general agents for Shanghai based HongFa Shipping Co, LTD . HongFa is performing a semi-regular monthly pendulum service from the Far East to South America East Coast via the Cape. With modern multi purpose tonnage of 36.000 tons DW, boxshaped and open hatch triple deckers we can handle cargos upto 520 tons unit weights as well as oversized project cargoes. With 53 meters length in the holds the ships are ideal for extra long parts and rails.

Incidentally we offer space on the Brazil - Europe trade with European shipowners.

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