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From the years 2001 until 2007 Seanet has been one of the main providers of temperature recorders in Brazil.
After a pause of 6 years we returned and since 2013 we distribute products of LogTag Recorders to the Brazilian market.

With LogTag Recorders from New Zealand we found ourselves a first class supplyer and we proud to be their exclusive distributors in Brazil. We offer a variety of first class temperature and humidity recorders at low cost.

Perishables goods like frozen and chilled meat, poultry, fresh fruits and farmaceutical products need to be refrigerated in the correct way. Temperatures not maintained correctly may result in huge cargo claims or even a total loss of the goods.

From the North East of Brazil large volumes of melons, mangoes and grapes are yearly being shipped overseas by containers.
The local Brazilian market is mainly served by refrigerated trucks travelling over long distances and encountering poor infrastructure.

Pre-cooled fresh fruit is stowed into containers at the production farms by own personnel and carried by truck to the port.
At the port the container is delivered at the terminal, plugged-in and awaiting the vessel to be loaded and shipped.
At the discharge port the container is brought to a terminal from where trucks pick them up and deliver the container to the customer
All this time the ideal carriage temperature needs to be supplied to the fruit making sure that the fruit is arriving at the end user in good condition.

Farmaceutical products many times need to be maintained at strict temperature settings. Nowadays the governing authorities become more rigid in a good and proper temperature control. In order not to loose the product the industry needs to monitor and warrant a proper temperature control.

Many things can go wrong on the road, terminals and at sea. With our recorders the customer has a way to identify problems during the transit. With the LogTag temperature recorder Seanet provides the clients an important control tool.

For follow up of eventual cargo claims the recorders have proved to be fundamental and enables the client to compare service performances of the lines and trucking companies.

It is a simple and reliable device where the data can be easily read and send by email.

Please note our below products:

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SRIC-4 Temperature Recorder

The LogTag® SRIC-4 is a single-trip temperature recorder developed specifically for monitoring temperature sensitive products in both short haul and long-distance transportation applications.
The SRIC-4 combines all the features of an advanced temperature recorder with a 3968 log memory and a 6-month operating life in a robust and inexpensive package.

TRIX-8 Termógrafo

LogTag® TRIX-8 Temperature Recorder incorporates an external temperature sensor uniquely arranged in a recess in the case thereby providing the same integrated mechanical protection of a internally mounted sensor with faster reaction time more associated with external temperature probes.

TRIX-16 Termógrafo

The LogTag® TRIX-16 Temperature Recorder has the same performance specifications as the current TRIX-8 model with twice the recording capacity.

TREX-8 remote probe temperature recorder

The LogTag® TREX-8 Remote Probe Temperature Recorder supports applications where a remote probe is required. A range of interchangable probes are available to suit most applications.

TRID30-7 Temperature Recorder with 30 day summary display

The LogTag® TRID30-7 temperature recorder features a display together with a data logging function storing up to 7770 temperature readings. Statistical temperature and duration readings for up to 30 days can reviewed on the display.

TRED30-7 Temperature Recorder, 30 day summary display & remote probe

The LogTag® TRED30-7 Temperature Recorder measures and stores up to 7770 temperature readings over -40°C to +99°C (-40°F to +210°F) measurement range from a remote temperature probe

TRID30-7FW: Vaccine Refrigerator Temperature Recorder with 30day summary display compliant to WHO PQS specification E006/TR06.3.

The LogTag® TRID30-7FW is intended for use as the principle means for monitoring storage conditions in vaccine refrigerators in intermediate stores and health facilities and is specifically configured and packaged to be compliant to the World Health Organisation (WHO) PQS specification E006/TR06.3. The device may also be used as a secondary back-up device in cold rooms

HAXO-8 Humidity & Temperature Recorder

The LogTag® HAXO-8 Humidity & Temperature Recorder combines the leading edge features of the LogTag temperature Recorder with a highly reliable solid state humidity sensor means the LogTag HAXO-8 is a leader in it's class.

Dry Ice "Probe-less" Temperature Recorder (TRIL-8 & SRIL-8)

The LogTag® Dry Ice "Probe-less" Temperature Recorders operate, measure and store up to 8000 temperature readings in environments ranging from -80°C to +40°C (-112°F to +104°F). Intended for use in transit monitoring of articles stored in packaging incorporating dry ice cooling agents and similar low temperature applications.

TREL-8 low temperature remote probe recorder

The LogTag® low temperature remote probe temperature recorder measures and stores temperatures from -80 °C to +40°C (-112°F to +104°F) with an ST10 temperature probe.

TIC20 temperature indicator

The LogTag TIC20 is a irreversible electronic temperature indicator for use in monitoring temperature & time statistics in pharmaceutical transport applications of up to 20 days duration

TICT temperature indicator

The LogTag® TICT is a low cost disposable electronic temperature indicator for use in monitoring temperature & time statistics in transport applications of up to 45 days duration.

WHO PQS Prequalified Products

A number of common and specific LogTag® products are WHO PQS Prequalified.


Logtag's unique interface cradle design provides rapid and reliable LogTag data transfer to Logtag Analyzer software in a matter of seconds. By far the fastest in it's class.

Interface cradles are available in USB and RS232 connection versions.