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Since our start in 1999 Seanet have been acting as Shipping Agents especially in reefer trades, protecting the interest of our principals and arranging a smooth and cost efficient operation. Ever since we have been specialized in attending and assisting full reefer vessels in Brazil.

Even before the vessel arrives we keep our principals informed about the port situation in order to minimize congestion risk or run into holidays. The master can decide to adjust vessels´ speed and save on fuel consumption. We keep a constant dialogue about cargo programmation and readiness in order to optimize the stowage of the vessels.

At the same time we make sure that all shippers are timely advised about arrival of the vessel to have their cargo cleared and ready for loading. At loading we monitor the cargo flux and cargo temperatures alongside the vessel.

The Charterers as well as the Shipowners are constantly updated about the operation. With our extensive network of local agents over the Brazilian coast we attend vessels in any port.


Seanet is proud to be general agents for Seatrade and GreenSea in Brazil for almost 2 decades. Greensea is operating the smaller size reefers upoto 375.000 cft whilst Seatrade is operating larger reefer tonnage upto 600.000 cft . Together they operate about 100 modern full reefervessels worldwide. For further information: and


Seanet acts as port agents for vessels chartered by Messrs. Miratorg - Interfoods from Russia. These are monthly shipments with frozen meat products to St Petersburg in mainly full reefer vessels.

Seanet are port agents for vessels chartered by Messrs. Acando in Cuba. This involves monthly shipments with frozen poultry to Havana and Santiago de Cuba also carried in full reefers.

As agents we also coordinating and/or following up on:

• Crewing issues
• Delivery Cash to Master, subject availability
• Delivery spares
• Delivery ships stores
• Arranging workshops
• Freight transfer abroad
• Arranging for Towage Master, in partnership with Compass Marine Services

• Arranging Port Captains
• Under Water inspection and cleaning.
We will be pleased to provide you a PDA for any of your vessels coming to Brazil!